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In Ontario, Canada, we are entering a new year in lockdown. Our first lockdown was a challenge and this second one seems to be testing us all just a little bit more. As a virtual magician, my ultimate goal is to continue to bring joy and entertainment to your workplace. Some companies have not tried a zoom event yet, while others have embraced it. I will highlight 7 benefits of a virtual zoom magic show and how you can be the virtual office superstar.

There would be staff lunches, town hall meetings, brainstorming sessions, watercooler conversations, and more in an old average workweek. In the virtual landscape, we are missing a lot of that staff connection and day-to-day team building. These natural interactions often spark creativity and can help unlock a new thought process. A virtual meeting can seem to be a drag or dull - part of my virtual magic show is to help show you the possibilities of virtual connections.

1. Bring your team together

Do you want a particular reason to bring your team together - more than just a meeting, giveaway or trivia? Having a Vegas-style magic show right in you and your staff members' living room is a sure-fire way to get everyone out to the zoom meeting. After the show is a perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with your co-workers - being freshly energized by powerful magic!

2. Spark Creativity

You always have big projects on the go, and sometimes we experience a creative roadblock. Before becoming a professional magician - I spent ten years working behind the scenes on television. I always found that providing yourself with a new and unique experience is an easy way to hurdle over that block. Experience the impossible over zoom with a virtual magic show, get uplifted and spark some creative ideas of your own!

3. Laugh

Times are tough. People are a little too passionate about social media - we all need to laugh. This one is easy and seems like a no-brainer - we all need to laugh. When I bring this up too - I am not talking about that low-level sarcastic humor - we all need to laugh.

"I have seen what a laugh can do. It can transform almost unbearable tears into something bearable, even hopeful. "
Bob Hope

4. Interactive

You have experienced some virtual events, and they were a little lackluster. At times you might have even thought to yourself that there are better things on YouTube. You're not wrong; with a virtual magic show - the significant difference to most other virtual entertainment options - it's highly interactive. Magic works best with interaction; while you can't pick a card online, I have come up with some very unique solutions. My virtual magic show even has a moment where the magic will happen in your hands, in your home. Sounds impossible - I deal in the realm of impossibility!

5. Not just for the office

With everyone at home - these virtual experiences that would happen in your workplace are now open to your household as well! Remember coming home from work and talking about the inspirational speaker or entertainer you had that day? Now you all can enjoy these virtual experiences together.

6. Learn Magic

In my virtual magic experiences that can run from 10 minutes to 45 - I have sometimes broken the magician's code and shared a magic secret. This is a great opportunity for you and your staff to understand how a magician approaches a problem.

"The art of a magician is to create wonder. If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy."
Doug Henning

7. Be the Office Hero

Escape rooms, trivia, music, acts, beer tastings. There are a lot of options for virtual entertainment out there. There is also a little pressure on you to find the right entertainment for you and your team. I transitioned into presenting magic virtually back in March of 2020 when crowd gathering became a liability. There is a lot of power in a virtual magic show, but I am excited to show you what is possible in the virtual space. This isn't just a person on a camera - it is a fully interactive magical production that can only happen over Zoom. Most importantly, you are the stars of the show.

In 2020 you were presented with a whole lot of limitations. While physical gatherings are still on hold - there is a big world of virtual opportunities. You might be hosting your first virtual event, or you're a digital pro; a virtual magic show has lots of benefits for you and your team. If you are interested in bringing in some high-level, interactive entertainment to your next virtual work function, click on the contact page above and fill out the handy dandy form!

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You and your team have worked incredibly hard this year with all the creative challenges that have come your way. It's almost been an entire year, and you haven't even seen all your co-workers. A zoom party for the holidays sounds dull, but I have four great reasons to re-think digital shindigs!

Bring everyone together

You want to see and hear those faces of all your co-workers - believe it or not, you miss all of them. A year-end holiday party is still the perfect excuse to throw a virtual bash. Awards, speeches and entertainment can all be recreated in the virtual space. Magicians, DJs, Musicians - most of us have transformed into digital entertainers and event producers. The most common compliment you will get this holiday is, "It was so nice to see everyone's smiling face!"

Easily accessible to everyone

Getting the entire team out to a holiday party can sometimes be a challenge! You've probably gotten push back from team members about the theme. Some want to have a masquerade ball, while others want to hit the local pub for wings and beer. Going virtual means everyone can stay in the comfort of their own home and experience the event in their own way. Distance, carpooling, the dangers of drinking and driving - not even an issue this holiday season!

Support Local

The most prominent theme this holiday you've probably seen on socials is 'Support Local'. As a variety artist and live entertainer, I have not had the privilege to perform in any of my regular venues this year. For most of us, our only stage right now is the digital space. You and your company can support local this holiday season by providing food, beverage and entertainment, all from local vendors. For food, I highly suggest the Black Bull Neighbourhood pub in Burlington and Pub Fiction in Ancaster. If you're on the hunt for quality craft beer, Grain and Girt in Hamilton and Concession Road Brewery in Jarvis are two top-quality options!

Make the impossible possible in your workplace

The idea of a lockdown this holiday season is a bummer to say the least. I bet you've had enough of teams, zoom, meet, skype or whatever Jetsons software you are using. I deal in the realm of impossibility - I want to work with you, get creative and make a splash this holiday season. Just because we are throwing a virtual party does not mean it has to be dry as toast. Your co-workers will be blown away at what you were able to pull off in an impossible year.

My name is Graemazing, a Level 7 Wizard (totally real). In 2018 I left a full-time career in television broadcasting to pursue my childhood passion for magic. This year I am combining a professional career in broadcasting and a lifelong passion for magic to bring you the best digital party.

Reach out to me to learn how you can level up your virtual event.