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The Curling Magician

Curling and magic combined? Like together? Well, not entirely.

If you are looking to spice up your curling tournament, bonspiel, or year-end banquet, I have some great interactive entertainment options for you.

Before we get to that - I was just on Hamilton's CHCH Morning Live with Tim Bolen and Anette Hamm. Here's a clip:

Growing up in Ancaster, Ontario - I curled out of Dundas as a little rock for many years. Some of my first magic sets were prizes at those little rock bonspiels. I eventually moved up to the big rocks and started to compete more and more. I had the great opportunity to complete in OFFSSA - representing Ancaster High School. I continued my curling career into college, where I played in many tournaments and spiels.

One thing I always remember was all the down-time between the games - I would always entertain my teammates and opponents with a pack of cards. Often at curling tournaments, there are live bands and party games, but I have a unique entertainment option to make your next curling event more than amazing!

I offer two unique experiences to add to your next bonspiel. I have a close-up mix and mingle magic experience and a 45-minute magic and mind-reading experience.

Close up magic experience:

I will mix and mingle with your guests sharing impossible moments of magic. During that downtime between games or during cocktails is the perfect time for me to share some magic. I can hop from table to table, creating mini-shows or just casually walk about in a bar setting as well - I am versatile! The magic I share is just like what you have seen on tv - I often leave your guests with impossible souvenirs to remember the experience!

45-Minute Mind-Reading Experience:

Before your awards and speeches, but after dinner is an excellent opportunity to entertain the curlers with my thought-provoking mind reading show. I don't claim to read minds - or as I say -

I am not Mel Gibson in "What Women Want." I have developed my own system that I consider Sherlock Holmes meets Blues Clues.

Questions will be asked and based on their answers, I think I can get a piece of information from you. The show is a Ted talk that meets mind-reading with a whole lot of gibberish. This experience can be presented anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour.

"Mind-blowing! We had Graemazing for our company Christmas party, and we couldn't have asked for better entertainment."

Cindy Doucet, Ottobock

Guelph, ON

Before I was a full-time magician, I was working behind the scenes in television - specifically advertising. During my show, you will get hints of ad persuasion and my methods for unlocking creativity. This experience is excellent for small groups of 15 or larger sizes up to 300 or more!

If you are interested in adding some next-level entertainment to your curling event - email me!


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