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Embrace Virtual Entertainment: You might be missing out!

With Ontario re-introducing restrictions on social gatherings, it's time to get creative when connecting our teams virtually. I remembered in 2020 when I had a year of shows get cancelled; I thought it was the end of my business. When my colleagues started embracing virtual entertainment, I was fearful of how it could work. Can it work? The truth is, we are all in this together, and I have the perspective that restrictions can create opportunity.

Graeme Reed, AKA Graemazing shares virtual magic with AEW (All Elite Wrestling)'s "All Ego" Ethan Page

In the past two years, I went performing locally (Southern Ontario) to across the globe, sharing virtual magic with colleges and universities plus top brands like The Home Depot, Walmart Canada and Microsoft. I became a reliable regular on CHCH Morning live, getting numerous tv appearances to promote my business nationally. What I'm getting at is you can sit and wait for things to "go back to normal" or accept what is and accelerate with me and so many others into the virtual era.


What you can expect from a Virtual Magic Show:

I have a complete turnkey solution for you; all you have to do is notify your team! You and your team all get a front-row seat to world-class magic, plus you don't have to stress about driving home!

The virtual magic show runs approximately 45 minutes; it's highly interactive and engaging. Virtual magic works only with the audience's collaboration - making each show unique. I make your team the stars of the show by spotlighting them as volunteers throughout the performance and asking them all kinds of questions. You'll get the opportunity to learn something about your team you never thought to ask. The forbidden door is open, and I will even share the secret to a trick or two, making it a complete learning experience! My favourite claim is that I can make magic happen in your hands in your homes - all you need is a pack of cards (or game cards). With a background in Television Broadcasting, you can expect a professional quality broadcast with multiple cameras, graphics, music and video.

The entire show happens over Zoom, tickets and registration is set up on Eventbrite - I'll take care of all of this, including the branded invitations! All you have to do is sit back and take the credit for making your next virtual meet-up Awesome.