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5 ways you can use Virtual Magician

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

A virtual magician sounds exciting, and it's a great way to make you look like a superstar in your workplace by finding some incredible, interactive virtual entertainment. But what are some ways you can use a virtual magician? How can you add some shazam, some tada to your next virtual meeting?

Investment in remote work is increasing: 20% of meeting room budgets are now going towards collaborative technologies as companies expand their focus on remote work and global meetings. Source: Future Source

Here are five great ways you can look like an office superhero and use a virtual magician for your next digital meeting:

  • Kick off the team meeting

  • Sales presentation

  • Town Hall/Company-wide meeting

  • Virtual Trade Shows

  • Corporate Parties

The fourth one, Virtual Trade shows, usually spark the most interest - I bet you didn't even know that could happen! Virtual trade shows are happening, and it is a great way to expand your network, boost sales and meet new clients!

Kick off the team meeting

Your team gathers daily for virtual meetings, and I bet you are looking for something creative and fun for a team-building exercise. If you have a small team and want to spark some creativity, a great solution is a virtual magician! Experience interactive comedy and magic to uplift and entertain your group. Also, learn a trick or two and understand how a magician might go about solving a problem. Jumpstart your week with a little office pick me up - think about hiring a virtual magician to help boost your team's positivity and creativity.

Video conferencing improves engagement: Lifesize found that 41% of users believe that companies using video conferencing have more engaged team members. 35% of respondents reported using videos to feel more included in the company culture too. Source: Lifesize.

Sales Presentation

Do you have a big pitch meeting coming up? A presentation in front of some significant clients that you want to add that something extra - a little shazam. I have worked closely with multiple corporate clients to enhance their branded message with magic and storytelling. Often in sales, you sell something that sounds impossible or solves a problem that appears to be impossible. Why not have a virtual magician help present your message? Enhance your next sales presentation by adding in a virtual magician and make the next zoom meeting a quarantine highlight!

Many companies are using a combination of video calling platforms: 90% of Fortune 500 companies use multiple video conferencing platforms to connect with their colleagues. Source: Videocall

Company-wide meeting/town hall

Surprise the whole company with a top-quality virtual entertainer. You can experience a virtual magic show in different lengths, from 5 minutes to an hour. Whether you are meeting on teams, zoom or your favourite platform - I am compatible with all tech. Maybe you and your executive staff are looking for an extraordinary way to reveal or unveil something new to your team - why not enhance your message with a virtual magician. Imagine having a professional magician kick off your next sales meeting. Bring the hilarious, interactive and uplifting virtual entertainment of Graemazing to your next digital gathering.

Virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows have gone virtual, which has created a unique challenge for you to draw attention and keep it. Booking a virtual entertainer for your virtual trade show booth is a great way to enhance attendees' engagement. Your booth can stand out at the entire event by taking your booth experience to the next level. I offer custom live and interactive magic for virtual trade shows. Custom means I will blend in your brand or sales message with the magic to create maximum impact. Make a real splash at this year's convention by booking a virtual magician for your next virtual trade show.

Engagement is the key to virtual success: 49% of marketers say that audience engagement is the most significant contributing factor to having a successful event. Source: Markletic

Virtual Corporate Parties

We all have to shake it off - even when it comes to virtual. I bet you check in with your team now and then and try to boost spirits with some games or trivia. Have you thought of a virtual magician for your next virtual party? Imagine this - we get everyone to provide a deck of cards - that's it. Tell everyone to tune into a particular time for a beautiful surprise keeping everything secret and mystical (I can make some custom e-vites for this!) Magic over teams or zoom sounds so impossible; I know. Luckily for you, I deal in the realm of impossibility. With everyone providing a deck of cards - you will all experience magic in your own hands in your homes. You might even be so lucky to learn a magic trick or two to share in your next virtual games night. Connect your entire team and their households over a night of virtual magic.

Engagement means success: Organizations that didn't try to engage virtual event attendees were 150% more likely to be unsuccessful. (Source: Wild Apricot)

Are you ready to start thinking about booking a virtual magician for your next virtual meeting, trade show or party? Please fill out my super simple contact form on my Virtual Magic page to get in touch with me.

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Graeme Reed is a virtual magician based out of Brantford, Ontario Canada but performs in Hamilton, Burlington, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Niagara Falls, Ancaster, Dundas, Guelph and more in Southern Ontario.