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How does a magician end up hosting an insurance podcast?

In 2019 I took a giant leap in my professional career; I decided to leave my 10-plus-year career in Television Broadcasting to pursue my lifelong passion as a magician.

While I have been performing since the age of 15 at birthdays, corporate events, cocktail parties and many restaurants in Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington and Brantford, I wanted to develop a way to scale my business. After seeing some social media and online advertising results, I decided to take a more grassroots approach.

An opportunity presented itself at the Locke St. Farmer's Market in Hamilton. My sister-in-law happened to be managing the market and asked if I would be interested in entertaining. I was hesitant - 5 hours performing in the hot sun just for tips? I decided to take on the challenge, and it quickly became my favourite venue to perform in. The people I was connecting with shared the same values and interests as me; we all appreciated local, all a little more thoughtful and willing to spend a little more if we knew we were supporting something or someone tremendous.

With this knowledge of understanding who would be shopping at the weekly market, I created the "Market Magician Tour" in 2019. I got myself showcased in Hamilton, Milton, Ancaster and Dunnville, to name a few. I built long-term connections that still impact my business and, importantly, me.

Instead of a TikTok post, Instagram reel or Facebook ad, I made real connections with future friends and partners. These are people who chose to stop and experience magic. Hundreds of business cards and postcards were handed out that are still getting me booked, but not only that - the shows I want to perform at for the people I want to perform for.

In 2020 when live performances became a public risk, the only option was to present, connect and perform virtually. The first email inquiry I got for a Virtual Magic show came from Nova Mutual Insurance - They had seen me in 2019 at the Dunnville Farmer's Market.

Combining my background in broadcasting with my passion for magic, I'm able to deliver a high-quality, engaging, professionally produced virtual magic show. After performing for Nova, they asked if I could help direct some of their virtual events and create a community-based podcast!

My intent with the Market Magician Tour was to scale up. Not only do I continue to book shows from this tour of farmer's markets in 2019, but I landed a new career in the insurance industry, opening up a big world of opportunity. Whether you are marketing online or traditionally, keep in mind all the methods work - you need to be authentic in your approach.

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