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Learn magic today!

4 great resources to learn magic today!

In a 2019 word, it is so much easier to learn magic then it was for an 8-year-old me in the '90s. I caught the magic bug the same way most magicians do. I found some fantastic television specials with David Copperfield and Lance Burton and was addicted to magic instantly.

A visit to the local Ancaster library gave me my introduction to magic with some VHS videotapes and books on the subject.

Eventually, I learned of 2 local magic shops in Toronto, Ontario. It was here I would grow my collection of unique magic tricks, books, VHS and DVD's - all of which I still have!

In the new online world, what seems like it took me a lifetime of exploration - much can be learned so much fast. There are all kinds of youtube channels teaching magic tricks and even lots of online magic shops. I have sourced 4 top resources so you can kickstart your magic career!

1. Jay Sankey - Youtube Channel

When I first went to the magic shop in Toronto, The Browsers Den of magic, I was introduced to two virtual teachers through videotape. Michael Ammar and his easy to master card miracles series. The second was Toronto's own Jay Sankey. Jay has created hundreds of magic effects that have been released through books, lecture notes, VHS, DVD, download. Now he gives away so many of his incredible secrets online on his youtube channel! I have hooked you up with some of my favourite free Jay Sankey tricks below. These are super fun to learn with the family to share at school and work.

Make a coin Vanish:

There is a ton of content here - Jay teaches you how to make a coin or other objects vanish and change.

2. Scam School - Youtube Channel

One of the best-produced magic training resources out there that is free on youtube is Scam School. Brian Brushwood shares some incredible magic secrets for free that you can use to blow your friends' minds easily. His teach tricks are so easy to follow along; you will be able to perform the magic at the end of the video. I have given you a couple of my favourites below.

3. Kind of Magic - Magic Store

If you are in Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton area, you are not too far from Kind of Magic. Located in Waterloo, Kind of Magic has magic tricks, juggling supplies, make-up and costumes. It's rare to find a brick and mortar magic shop these days, so we are lucky to have one so close! If you stop into the shop, be sure to let them know, "Graemazing says hello!"

Check out the shop online HERE

4. Vanishing Inc Magic

Online magic stores have been a thing for a while and there a whole lot of them out there. I think the best online shop is Vanishing Inc Magic. Owned and operated by professional magicians Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay. On the website, there is plenty of free material that you can download right away and start learning. There is also a massive selection of magic props, books and resources for sale to advance your magic career from level 1 wizard to level 7. Christmas is just around the corner, or maybe your Birthday is too - a perfect opportunity to build a wish list!

Check out the shop online HERE

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