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Virtual Magician on CHCH Morning Live

You might have turned on your favourite local morning show and caught the offbeat, uplifting virtual magic of Graemazing. When the world transitioned in March of 2020, I pivoted from in-person magic shows to virtual performances only. The CHCH team has always been so kind in letting me promote and share magic regularly on the news.

If you are curious at seeing a sample of what a virtual zoom magic show or magic for an online business meeting might look like, I have a great example from Canada Day on CHCH. This clip was my first of 4 appearances sharing virtual magic on the local news.

Bob Cowan and Annette Hamm were so incredible with their improvisation and interaction with the virtual magic tricks. The two of them helped show how much fun you can have in your own home even if we are in a lockdown. Virtual magic shows for online business meetings allow you and your team to be the stars of the show.

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual entertainer for your next online meeting, from sparking creativity, bringing everyone together but most importantly - laughing a little. You can be the office superstar and level up your next Zoom or Teams with a bit of digital impossibility!