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Top 5 of 2021: Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

We (Graeme Reed & Ryan Joyce) get to talk high-level magic every week on the Magicians Talking Magic podcast. Sometimes we talk business, maybe a little theory or even method; one thing I know is that talking magic weekly has made me a better magician. I wanted to break down 2021 and share 5 of my favourite episodes we produced this year.

Note: I am freestyling this, and these are represented in no particular order.

Episode 122: Tyler Twombly, Mindfulness and Magic

Originally released: 4/28/2021

After picking up Tyler's download - Face Test, we just had to talk to him. Blown away by the creativity and quality, we wanted to know more about Tyler Twombly, and we got more than we asked! Tyler is a registered therapist and shares how we can be mindful of our magic; be a little less jealous, be a bit less nervous, and be a lot more present.

Listen to the episode HERE


Episode 144: Jared Kopf

Originally released: 9/17/2021

In this episode of Magicians Talking Magic, Ryan Joyce is chatting with an acclaimed magician, coach, consultant and Shaman, Jared Kopf. This conversation is loaded with magic wisdom, stories, and a peek at Jared's upcoming appearance at the FISM North American Championship of Magic. I've personally listened to this episode over five times - there are so many profound thoughts Jared shares.


Episode 126: Magic Panel - Sharing our virtual experiences

Originally Released: 5/26/2021

In this episode of the Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, we're joined with six magicians who share their experiences with virtual magic. One year later, what does everyone think about virtual magic? Helped or hurt? We also asked everyone's favourite virtual magic tricks, if they've used sneaky virtual methods, and 'What's the best virtual advice you've heard?"

My favourite episodes are when we get to hang out with the discord and open up the conversation. This episode is unique because we don't just share the performer's perspective; we share the view of a fan, amateur, hobbyist and pro.

Listen here


Ep 146: Joshua Jay - How Magicians Think

Originally Released: 9/28/2021

In Josh's latest book release, How Magicians Think, he opens up the forbidden door and gives everyone a peek behind the curtain. The top 5 of 2021 could not be without one of the most significant conversations we had this year about magic. Don't skip out on this episode if you're looking to be inspired this holiday season and strive to be a better magician.


Ep 154: Lance Burton - Master Magician

Originally Released: 12/13/2021

We all have our heroes in magic, and this week on Magicians Talking Magic, Graeme sits down with one of his! Tune into this extraordinary episode with Master Magician Lance Burton. This week on the podcast we will be talking about his recent tour of “Lance Burton and Friends” with Michael Goudeau, Fielding West and Keith West’s Illusioneers. We’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at some of Lance’s favourite illusions from his television specials. Plus, stick around to the end to hear two golden nuggets of advice from a Master Magician.

Thank you to all of our listeners for downloading, watching, and participating in Magicians Talking Magic in 2021.
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